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Agriculture logo inspiration

Modern husbandry is a highly-competitive business, where only the strongest and the most persistent entrepreneurs get their place in the sun. You have to have every tiny detail thought-out and well-executed to succeed.

Our service offers all kind of husbandry design templates: urban agriculture, herb, veg or fruit growing, farmer’s market vending, and even agricultural machinery manufacturing. Regardless of your company size, location, and design experience at logo gallery you’ll find a logo template that will boost up your sales and strengthen the company’s image. Scroll down a bit and get inspired by the logos, which belong to agricultural “business stars” like John Deere, New Holland, Jacto, Freight Farms, Detroit Dirt and get to your own logo design! With our online logo editor it’s piece of cake!

Agriculture logo tips

Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds. When in doubt, seek inspiration on LogotypeMaker! Below you can find great design tips to help your creativity ignite.

Color choice


The agriculture logos have their own signature shades, which are green and brown (all hues really). Those colors traditionally represent the connection to the earth and nature, they exude confidence and peace. To spice the things up a little bit you can mix brown and green with yellow or blue.



The husbandry logos should convey trustworthiness and professional integrity. Up-to-date sans-serifs cope with the task and strengthen the positive connotations in your logo. Casual scripts also can be a good choice, especially if you’re launching a small eco-business



A plant picture is by all means the most popular and the safest choice for the husbandry logo symbol. Depending on your company’s specifics it can be a leaf, a piece of wheat, a tree, a fruit or even an animal.  You can select one or combine several of them. Just make sure it fits your brand and resonates with the audience.

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