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Cat Dog logo inspiration

The great thing about can and dog logos is that they can be used not only for the animal care or animal health industries but literally for any business industry out there. No doubt, a cat logo or a dog logo will be perfect for an animal shelter, a pet store or a pet food brand. However, the cat and dog logos have much higher potential than just animal-related business.

For example, Yamato Transport (the top Japanese delivery company) rocks a cat logo. HMV uses its famous dog logo on social media and the website. Not to mention such legends as Puma or Jaguar whose wild cat logos are iconic. So if you want to get a cat & dog logo that will make your business grow, we are ready is ready to lend you a helping hand. We offer hundreds of modern templates, which you can tweak via the user-friendly editor and download in various different formats. Check our gallery out!

Cat Dog logo tips

Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds. When in doubt, seek inspiration on LogotypeMaker! Below you can find great design tips to help your creativity ignite.

Color choice


Choose either the hues, which are natural for cats and dogs (grey, black, white, brown) or the bright colors like red, yellow, purple, and blue. The black & white palette is always an option for an effective business logo as well.



The is no “one font fits all” solution for a cat and dog logo as that type of design is versatile. Try to feel what works for your business niche by looking at the competitors. You can always go for the most popular type of font in your industry (e.g. sans-serif) and just pick a typeface that will match your business identity.



One of the most popular techniques for a cat and dog custom logo design is a negative space logo. That’s how you can easily combine both an image of a cat and a dog and still have a clean elegant design.

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