Once you purchased your logo, you’ll be able to download your brand files right away from our logotypemaker dashboard.

Just make sure your transaction went through and you will be able to Download your logo.

There are no limits on number of downloads so you can easily download your logo with different backgrounds and in different sizes.

In the Premium Package you also get the possibility to modify your logo (change shapes, text, colors).

When you press the Download button, a modal window with logo download settings will be opened.

You can input the desired Width and Height Resolution in pixels. Max size is 4096*4096 px (16 megapixels). If you need a higher resolution simply download the vector SVG file. You can also set the background color at this step.

On the left side of the download window, there are different controls which allow you to adjust the position of your logo on the canvas. You can click and drag your logo, or use the arrows (Move), to perfectly adjust the position.

Also, use the Scale section in order to increase or decrease your logo.

There are two formats available in the Basic Package: PNG and JPG.

The SVG format and the Premium zip Package (social media images, business card, brand guidelines, vector files; Download sample zip) are available only for the Premium Package.

You may learn more about your opportunities with Premium Package here.

The mobile version looks a little different but has the same options as the Desktop one. When you download from mobile, we also send an email with your logo to your account email inbox.