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Browse through logo ideas. Look at other businesses in the same industry. Study advertising methods your competitors use. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Look at our collection of great logo templates organized into categories to help your creativity ignite. By pairing graphics with beautiful fonts, you get a perfect design combination that you can personalize and make it unique.







Cat & Dog

















Video game



How to design a personalized logo

Design the personal logo for your brand in minutes

Step 1
Enter the brand’s name or company slogan. Make the search more specific by entering the keyword or choosing a proper category.

Step 2
Select a logo design template from thousands of designs suggested by the logo generator.

Step 3
Tweak each layer of the logo in the editor. Change the color of the whole logo or the separate elements. Change the font. Add shadow effects and combine the chosen design with cliparts (1M items) or with images uploaded from your device. Save all the logo drafts in your account.

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Customer Testimonias

Here are some real customer testimonias

Michael, Chicago

Analyst Assistant

“I have no design experience whatsoever. But I’ve managed to create a logo I’m 100% happy with. Designer Kate helped me choose the perfect color palette and font plus also gave me some valuable advice regarding the minor issues I had. Amazing customer service!”

Andre, Blois


“What I love the most about this company is that they always think about their clients. Here I got not only a nice logo but also a website template and a 15% discount on it. If you’re on a tight budget but still need to create a logo, I highly recommend LogotypeMaker.”

Caetano, Belo Horizonte


“I created the beautiful logo for my startup. But that’s not all! In the zip file with my final logo I found images for all the social media, an email signature, a favicon, images for printing, and a doc with all the font names, colors I used! I’m so happy I chose this site!”

Building the professional brand

Every company, from corporations to small businesses, relies on its brand identity design to represent its services to the customers in a unique way. Here you will learn how to use online editor to create a beautiful and unique custom logo.


Learn more about logo creation ->


After the purchase logo you will receive the final design in various formats. You’ll get the print-ready logo not only in JPG or PNG but also in SVG format, which will allow you to print the image on large surfaces like banners, business cards or signboards.


Learn more about logo creation ->


While customizing a logo via the online editor you can change the color not only of the whole design piece but also of every shape of the logo. Experiment with the hues switching between the solid color, linear gradient (two shades) and Web 2.0 gradient (four shades).


Learn more about logo creation ->


Tips to get the best business logo

The perfect logo check list


Your logo should tell your story

Think about the message your logo will convey. If you’re an owner of an ice cream shop, maybe you’ll want to use an ice cube in your logo design to make people feel refreshed.


Don’t rely on a cliche

If all your rivals use a certain color combination, try something drastically different. If everyone create a special symbol, create a logo based on an abstract symbol.


Simple is always good

The customers love elegant pieces that are easy on the eyes and have a clear message. And if you’re logo is so simple anyone can replicate it (like Nike or Opel) you get an extra point to brand awareness and your market visibility.


Use negative space

Negative space logos can get you a “2 for 1 special” design. For example, the colorful NBC logo has a peacock silhouette in the middle and FedEx has an arrow between letters “E” and “X”. Negative space will give your logo that something extra special.


It should be mobile-friendly

It’s vital for a logo to look good on a smartphone or a tablet screen. The fussy designs don’t look presentable when reduced in size. Keep that in mind if you want to create a commercially viable logo.


Don’t forget about the font

The color influences customers via the corporate logos. But the font is just as important as the color palette! Pick an elegant distinctive-looking font that will be easy to read. Avoid gimmicky typefaces, which will confuse the audience.