Logos can be printed on business cards, documents and banners.

Most of printing companies have their proprietary RGB to CMYK converters. So when you want to print your logo, better ask in first place the converted version into CMYK, so you could see what to expect.

But if you decide to print it one your own or edit the colors, you need to open your logo in Adobe Illustrator and chose Document Color Mode => CMYK.

And then select the colors from CMYK pallete.

Most of the times, a logo in format JPG or PNG is enoungh, but when you need your logo to be displayed on a big surface, you would like to keep the sharpness.

For that you need to use SVG, which stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.

SVG images can be opened and edited by the use of a vector graphics editor, such as Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDRAW, and rendered to common raster image formats such as PNG using the same software.