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If you’re a proud owner of an art company or a design studio, if you plan to commit yourself to producing or selling something that will make the world even more beautiful place, then you’ll definitely enjoy the whole brand logo design process. Free your creativity and try the most unusual combinations to make something truly unique!

Will it be a fresh bold design piece like Tate Modern’s or a classic watermark logo like Pentagram’s, something elegant like Salon 94’s or something rebellious like the one Office of Paul Sahre has? Browse through or gallery for inspiration and create an art logo that will take everyone’s breath away.  

Art logo tips

Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds. When in doubt, seek inspiration on LogotypeMaker! Below you can find great design tips to help your creativity ignite.

Color choice


If your business is somehow connected to design, you probably already know everything about the effective color combinations. So our advice to you is to always keep up with the color trends and incorporate the trendy hues into your business logo.



A decorative font seems like an obvious choice for an art logo as that group of typefaces is aimed to emphasize your brand’s uniqueness and style. However, if decorative fonts do not quite meet your requirements, you can try a classy serif, which is both trustworthy and sophisticated.



For the most part top art and design studios use the wordmark logos without any additional symbols. If you want to stand out among the competition, pick an abstract symbol. It’s a great way to present your artistic skills to the audience and keep your logo design both elegant and memorable.

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