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Every cleaning brand needs a clean sheet. And you can’t really get one without a beautiful clear-cut logo. Fortunately, LogotypeMaker is ready to do all the dirty work for you and provide your company with a stellar cleaning services logo or a car wash logo design that will allow you to compete with such market leaders as Kleenex, P&G, Scott, and Kimberly Clark Professional.  

Start with choosing one or several cleaning logo templates offered by online generator logo. There are hundreds of designs in our online library, so pick the one that meets all your requirements. Then easily customize it online by changing the color scheme, adding gradient and visual stunts, tweaking the shape of any part of the picture. Don’t be afraid to bring your wildest ideas to life! With the help of our logo creator your fresh logo design will blow all the competition away!

Cleaning logo tips

Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds. When in doubt, seek inspiration on LogotypeMaker! Below you can find great design tips to help your creativity ignite.

Color choice


Bet on colors that are traditionally associated with purity. It can be blue (all the blue hues really), green (the color of harmony), and, of course, white. Don’t go for more than three colors as your business logo should be clean and elegant.



Traditionally cleaning logos are known for sans-serif typefaces. They draw customers’ attention and look good on the products. However, you can pick a serif or a decorative font if it matches your brand’s concept.



One of the best ways to increase the cleaning brand recognition is to create a mascot logo. It can be an animal, a human or a fictional character that is both relative and fun. On the other hand, if you want your company logo design to be more reserved, try adding a traditional cleaning symbol (like a spark or a dust cleaner).

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