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History repeats itself and design history is not an exception. Especially now, when the vintage logo design is the hottest trend. Vintage is also popular among the startuppers because of its ability to turn any logo into a more credible one. Just by looking at 60s, 80s or 90s logos customers perceive the brands as trustworthy and competitive. Which entrepreneur doesn’t want that?

Creating a vintage logo from scratch may be tricky even for an experienced designer. The logos like Naimoli Contractors, Agency Renegades or Cheesesteak Media logos only prove it. But LogotypeMaker crashed that barrier and with our online logo creator anyone can design an amazing “old school” logo. What it takes, is a template from logo gallery and some time to tweak it via the user-friendly online editor. The available graphic effects will help you make the template more or “less” vintage depending on your needs. Explore all features now!

Vintage logo tips

Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds. When in doubt, seek inspiration on LogotypeMaker! Below you can find great design tips to help your creativity ignite.

Color choice


The color choice for your logo should be reminiscent of the era you want to portray. For example, the 90s logos are all about extremely bright unnatural colors like hot pink, lime green, bright yellow, deep violet, and ultramarine.



Then again, make sure the font matches the “vintage era” your logo embodies. The look inspired by the beginning of the 20th century requires a nice calligraphic or formal script, the 60s-themed logo will look amazing with psychedelic fonts, and 80s logo design will benefit from a geometric sans-serif



Giving your logo that vintage vibe is actually not about the symbols. It’s about visual effects. E.g. 80s are all about the glow, 90s logos are known for “drop shadow”, and 50s are famous for their round shape and muted color palette.

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